Today the very first issue of People and Nature has been published! I’m sure you’re excited as we are! Here’s a whistlestop tour of our articles in pictures.

First up it’s our editorial:

People and Nature—A journal of relational thinking

Kevin J. Gaston Emilie Aimé Kai M. A. Chan Robert Fish Rosemary S. Hails and Cecily Maller
editorial image
This image was done for us by the amazing Holly McKelvey at the BES annual meeting in December last year as part of the People and Nature thematic session. In the session our Editor-in-Chief Kevin Gaston discussed why now is the time for this new Journal. He also discussed some of the exiting things we hope to do. For more, including details on our committment to high-quality interdisciplinary peer review, read the full article.

Next our perspective article

A leverage points perspective on sustainability

Now our Research articles

Value diversity and conservation conflict: Lessons from the management of red grouse and hen harriers in England

St John et al
Another of Holly McKelvey’s fantastic images here. This one also came from our thematic session at the BES annual meeting, where Steve Redpath discussed the findings of this, the first ever research article published in the journal. Coincidentally, this was also the first ever submission to the journal! For more on this you can read the full article here, as well as the plain language summary and the press release. As an aside – Holly drew this and the above image LIVE during the talks! How does she do it? We’re pretty sure it’s magic.

Hunting behaviour in domestic cats: An exploratory study of risk and responsibility among cat owners

Motivation and harvesting behaviour of fishers in a specialized fishery targeting a top predator species at risk