We’re very excited to show off our first ever journal cover! For more on the issue overall, check out the first issue in pictures.

The cover image shows the Central Coast of British Columbia, Canada and we think it perfectly encapsulates… well… people and nature*.


ehind the cover.png
Photo by Brian Starzomski, School of Environmental Studies, University of Victoria and Hakai Institute

People have lived on the Central Coast of British Columbia since time immemorial. Evidence shows over 14,000 years of close tending of the land, including intertidal structures built to increase the productivity of marine resources like fish and clams, fire that cleared parts of very wet forests, and as Fisher et al’s paper shows, changes to forest understory plant community that reflect the enhancement of the species used by the people who lived there. Despite major cultural changes (wrought by disease and regressive government policy) from the 19th century on that led to the most intensive use of the land coming to an end, these human uses and changes to the land remain throughout. So do the people.


Read the full paper here and the plain language summary here.

*Ok, ok, person and nature..