The Annual Meeting was a highly illustrated affair this year – from speed illustrations to community art.

First off, a real treat for the Annual Meeting was to host Holly McKelvey – a scientist-turned-illustrator and visual science communicator, and all round creative genius.

Holly floated between workshops and sessions, illustrating the conference at breakneck speed and wowing everyone with her amazing ability to succinctly capture key messages in a communicative yet visual way.

Here is her summary of the People and Nature Thematic Session:



Find more of Holly’s work on her twitter @holljmck 



Our second foray into art at the annual meeting was ‘Draw Your Study Organism’ – an activity attached to the main BES stand that brought out the artist in everyone. We were overwhelmed with the creativity and enthusiasm that everyone showed, and also at the number of entries showing people:

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Find more of these using #DrawYourStudyOrganism on twitter.