On Friday the winners of the BES annual photography competition ‘Capturing Ecology’ were announced. Here at Relational Thinking we proudly showcased the winner of the People and Nature category: Nibedita Mukherjee – Associate Editor on the journal – and student winner from UCL, Lydia Gibson, and now we hear more from Nibedita.


People and Nature category winner - Nibedita Mukherjee

Man in mangrove. Kerala, India, Nibedita Mukherjee

Her photo, Man in the Mangrove, is intended to show the value of mangrove ecosystems to local communities and particularly to traditional fishermen around the world.

Dr Mukherjee said:

“I am absolutely thrilled to be selected for the award. The photograph was taken in Kannur, Kerala, India. I was on my way to a research site when I came across a lone traditional fisherman. The mist rising out of the water, the slow pace of both my own boat and that of the fisherman, the gently rising tide and silence that surrounded us symbolise the beauty of that moment when the picture was taken. I believe that the time for ‘people and nature’ has finally arrived. Its recognition was long overdue amongst biologists working on biodiversity issues.”


Find Nibedita on twitter @Nibeditam