Third up in the Thematic Session series!

Journal lead editor Rob Fish will be delivering a talk entitled ‘Emerging Frameworks for Relational Thinking at the Intersection of People and Nature‘.

Rob is a Reader in Human Ecology in the School of Anthropology and Conservation, University of Kent. He is an environmental social scientist interested in the social and cultural dimensions of natural resource management, and has been with us at the journal from day one.

Here is is telling us a little more about what to expect from his talk.


Rob Fish


1. What is your talk about?


Since becoming a lead editor of People and Nature, my thoughts have been preoccupied with our strap-line “a journal of relational thinking”. In this paper I am asking what relational thinking might mean for interdisciplinary researchers, and to what extent this is an invitation to do things differently.  So the paper is a contribution to theory, if I can put it as grandly as that, but hopefully with some take home messages about how relational thought translates into approaches to evidence gathering


2. Why will people want to come to your talk?

I am BES lead editor on the outside, but cut me in half and I am a social scientist all the way through. So I think my paper will provide some resources for new thought in the people and nature area.


3. How is the talk relevant to People and Nature?

As I say, I am interested in the relational elements of people and nature. I want to convey my own understandings of the distinctions at stake and how we might can assemble around them. This may help us foster the kind of inclusive spirit of interdisciplinary we want for the Journal.


The Thematic Session will be on the Wednesday 19th December between 1-3pm.


Follow Rob on Twitter @RobFish5 and read more about him on the journal website.

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