Overall-Student-Winner-Leejiah-Dorward-I-see-you-710x473 (1)Capturing Ecology – the annual photographic competition hosted by The British Ecological Society always receives an excellent submission rate of diverse and unique imagery from around the globe. In 2017 we received 396 submissions, and this year looks promising also.

Open to BES members, images are entered from both internationally recognised ecologists and students, all celebrating various aspects of ecology. Subjects range from predators capturing and devouring their prey, artistic takes on woodlands to meerkat science in action.

Check out our 2017 winners here.

The journal is delighted to have the honour of category 4 (previously named Ecology and Society) being renamed People and Nature. Furthermore, the judge of this category will be People and Nature Associate Editor Dr Stephanie Januchowsi-Hartley.

To see the rest of the judges and to find out how to enter: Click here.


Deadline is 28th September.