Here at People and Nature we receive lots of submissions that span more than one discipline. We also encourage submissions that stimulate debate. These articles are great for pushing boundaries and answering exiting research questions. However peer review for some of these articles is not always straightforward.

It’s important that interdisciplinary papers are reviewed by researchers from all the disciplines the article covers, but these researchers often have very different norms for research methodologies, writing styles or other aspects of research publishing. This can lead to reviewers having very different opinions on the same manuscript.

We want to ensure authors are not left wondering what to do with conflicting reviews. One of the ways we do this is by recruiting editors who are comfortable in this interdisciplinary space and happy to make active decisions on papers.


In this short interview with the journal’s Managing Editor Emilie Aimé, she explains what else the journal is doing to support interdisciplinary peer review and provide the best service to authors.