The Rachel Carson Prize is awarded by the British Ecological Society each year for the best paper in People and Nature written by an early career author at the start of their research career. Today we are pleased to present the shortlisted papers for this year’s award, based on the previous (3rd) volume of the journal.

The winner will be selected in the coming weeks so watch this space for future announcements.

This year’s shortlisted candidates are:

Andrew Kadykalo – The role of western-based scientific, Indigenous and local knowledge in wildlife management and conservation

Alexandra Palmer – Hybrid apes in the Anthropocene: Burden or asset for conservation?

Benjamin Ghasemi – Trophy hunting and conservation: Do the major ethical theories converge in opposition to trophy hunting?

Claire Collins – Ocean-scale footprint of a highly mobile fishing fleet: Social-ecological drivers of fleet behaviour and evidence of illegal fishing

Eleanor Louson – Performing authenticity: The making-of documentary in wildlife film’s blue-chip renaissance

Hubert Cheung – Understanding Traditional Chinese Medicine to strengthen conservation outcomes

Laura Kaikkonen – We may not know much about the deep sea, but do we care about mining it?

Meike Will – How to make socio-environmental modelling more useful to support policy and management?