Volume 3 Issue 5 of People and Nature is online now!

What’s on the cover?

Traditional farming landscape in Transylvania, Romania. Credit: Ágnes Balázsi.

The cover image is taken from the Research Article by Maraja Riechers and colleagues Understanding relational values in cultural landscapes in Romania and Germany.

You can learn more about this research in the authors’ plain language summary Understanding relational values in cultural landscapes.

Special Feature on Nature-based solutions for a changing world

There is an increasing interest in the potential for nature-based solutions (NbS) to lessen the impacts of climate change as well as protect, sustainably manage and restore biodiversity as well as human-modified ecosystems. People and Nature are part of a cross journal Special Feature with  Journal of Applied Ecology, and Ecological Solutions and Evidence to further our understanding of NbS across the globe. As part of this Special Feature E. A. Welden and colleagues discuss how to leverage nature-based solutions to reconnect people and nature.

NbS are now on the EU Research and Innovation policy agenda and will also be discussed in the next UN Conference on Climate Change (COP26) in Glasgow, November 2021, for more on the road to COP26 check out the series of Relational Thinking blogs posts here.


Ruth H. Thurstan and colleagues ask how will COVID-19 impact biodiversity conservation? Check out all the latest papers on COVID-19 in the journal here.

All articles published in People and Nature are Open Access and have a plain language summary written by the authors!