Volume 3 Issue 2 of People and Nature is online now!

What’s on the cover?

Desert locusts fill the air in Isiolo county, Kenya, on 31 March 2020. © FAO/Sven Torfinn, reproduced with permission.

The cover image is taken from the Research Article by Nathaniel J. Dominy, Luke D. Fannin The sluggard has no locusts: From persistent pest to irresistible icon

You can learn more about this research in the authors’ plain language summary Probing the irresistible allure of locusts in our collective consciousness.

COVID-19 research

Masashi Soga and colleagues discuss the Impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on human–nature interactions: Pathways, evidence and implications and Violeta Berdejo-Espinola and colleagues discuss the increased use of urban green spaces during COVID-19.

Local knowledge research

Brooke L. Bessesen and Manuela González-Suárez ask if local fishermen and tour-boat guides can reliably perceive changes in the abundance of large marine species over a sizable time gap? Andrew N. Kadykalo and collegues assess the role of western-based scientific, Indigenous and local knowledge in wildlife management and conservation and Hannah M. Kobluk and colleagues analyse how traditional stewardship practices promote the sustainability and resilience of a smallscale kelp fishery.

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