The first issue of the second volume of People and Nature is now online!

This issue features a Review & Synthesis article on the evolving relationship between conservation and social science, a Perspective on the co‐management of culturally important species and research on topics including the idea of elephants as refugees, how multifunctional landscapes contribute to people’s wellbeing in 40 different ways and much more!

All articles published in People and Nature are Open Access and have a plain language summary written by the authors.

Image credit: Bernat Ripoll Capilla/Borneo Nature Foundation.

The cover image shows shows a peat-swamp forest in Central Kalimantan burning during the severe 2015 fire season Mark Harrison and colleagues’ Review & Synthesis article ‘Tropical forest and peatland conservation in Indonesia: Challenges and directions‘.

You can read more about this research in the authors’ plain language summary ‘Identifying and overcoming the many challenges facing forest and peatland conservation in Indonesia‘.