The last issue of the first volume of People and Nature is now online!

This issue features a Perspective on the Netflix series Our Planet, research on the perceptions and attitudes of farmers and beekeepers towards using hives for crop pollination with eight translated abstracts, an article on how discourses about salmon stocking can travel, evolve, and persist, affecting controversial stocking policy processes also available as an annotated audio version and much more!

All articles published in People and Nature are Open Access and have a plain language summary written by the authors.

The cover image shows Caleta Los Molinos, Los Ríos Region, Chile, one of the 42 artisanal fishing communities from research by Thiault et al. examining the generic and stressor‐specific facets of vulnerability to poaching and markets. Photo credit: Susana Cárcamo Rojas.

You can read more about this research in the authors’ plain language summary ‘Does capacity building make resource-dependent communities more adaptive?‘.