As mentioned in our previous post highlighting Kai Chan’s Thematic Session, Relational Thinking is catching up with our speakers before the event to hear more about their talks and entice you along if you are attending the meeting.

Here is the second in the series: People and Nature Associate Editor, Spatial/quantitative ecologist, knitter/sewist (according to her Twitter @LauraJaneGraham!), occasional indie band member, and all round journal champion: Laura Graham.

Laura Graham


1. What is your talk about?

My talk is titled “Scale-dependency in drivers of outdoor recreation“. Outdoor recreation is an economically and culturally important ecosystem service within Europe. We examine the social and ecological drivers of outdoor recreation for two very different datasets and investigate how these drivers change depending on the scale of analysis.


2. Why will people want to come to your talk?

People will want to come to the talk because we employ two interesting data sets (Flickr photographs and interview responses) to investigate spatial drivers of outdoor recreation. Additionally, a crucial first step to understanding landscape multifunctionality is understanding the scale dependencies in the drivers of key ecosystem services. We show how these drivers vary depending on scale. This brings us a step closer to a process-, rather than pattern-based, understanding of ecosystem services.

3. How is the talk relevant to People and Nature?

Outdoor recreation is a key way in which People interact with Nature. Understanding the broad spatial drivers of what makes certain locations attractive for recreation is an important part of understanding this interaction.

The Thematic Session will be on the Wednesday 19th December between 1-3pm.


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