Open-access-by-2020Here at People and Nature we are very pleased that it is Open Access Week 2018. When our first issue is published early next year, all of our papers will be open access and supporting the ethos of open knowledge; removing barriers to resources, collaboration and innovation.

Our first issue is due to be published early 2019 with a select few papers being released prior to this – all of course Open Access. In the meantime, take a look at a selection of open access papers from the Virtual Issue put together by BES journals in 2015 to coincide with the 8th Annual International Open Access Week:


Journal of Ecology

Trade-offs between physical and chemical carbon-based leaf defence: of intraspecific variation and trait evolution
David Eichenberg, Oliver Purschke, Christian Ristok, Ludger Wessjohann & Helge Bruelheide


Journal of Applied Ecology

PRACTITIONER’S PERSPECTIVE: Co-creation of individual-based models by practitioners and modellers to inform environmental decision-making
Kevin A. Wood, Richard A. Stillman and John D. Goss-Custard


Functional Ecology

Priming of the decomposition of ageing soil organic matter: concentration dependence and microbial control
Johannes Rousk, Paul W. Hill and Davey L. Jones


Ecology and Evolution

When do we need more data? A primer on calculating the value of information for applied ecologists
Stefano Canessa, Gurutzeta Guillera-Arroita, José J. Lahoz-Monfort, Darren M. Southwell, Doug P. Armstrong, Iadine Chadès, Robert C. Lacy and Sarah J. Converse


Animal Ecology

Constructing, conducting and interpreting animal social network analysis
Damien R. Farine and Hal Whitehead


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British Ecological Society members do also get a 25% discount on the Article Processing Charge when publishing as first or corresponding author with us. Yet another reason to join the society!