Taken by Associate Editor Steph Januchowski-Hartley

Bringing aquatic life to the surface. 

We recently visited Amroth, Wales in the United Kingdom, to hike the Wales Coastal Path with friends. The Clean Seas sculpture, a giant steel Sea Bass stuffed with single use plastics, by Gideon Petersen made for a colourful start to our journey. A community-lead art initiative, the Clean Seas sculpture not only raises awareness to the impacts that plastics are having on our seas, but brings a local sea-dweller to the surface for people to see and engage with. I am particularly drawn to public art that relates to nature and environmental conservation. I’ve recently started a research team in Wales, and we are working to better understand how we can bring science and art together to engage with others about their knowledge and values of freshwater ecosystems, and bring these to the surface within communities.


Click image to read full details of the artwork and the partners involved in creating and funding it.


To learn more about the The Freshwater Interdisciplinary Research and Engagement Lab, do visit their website available here.