We are excited to announce that the People and Nature blog, ‘Relational Thinking’ has now opened!

Having launched the journal a mere 3 months ago on June 6th, we are overwhelmed by the positive and engaged response from the diverse communities we hoped for – ecology and beyond. We continue to receive a steady stream of new submissions that will inspire the debate we hope for, and of course are excited to see each new submission and what field it will take us into!


A little thanks…

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you all for any work you have done in publicising the journal on your social media platforms, for following our content and taking an interest in general.

A Facebook page will follow shortly, and our Twitter is already a fabulous community of 1,350+ followers.

Thank you for all the help in voting for our blog name. Admittedly our suggestions weren’t exactly dynamite, and we appreciate your support for one of the options. However on going back to our roots and starting aim – relational thinking – we had a brainwave. Hence: Relational Thinking.


What to Keep an Eye out for…

As well as three special Peer Review Week posts coming later this week, here is a taster of what you can expect to see in the upcoming months:


  • Interviews and special insights to the professional and personal lives of our fantastic Editorial Board
  • Plain Language and Commentary pieces on our published papers, from authors, editors and readers
  • Reports on conferences and events attended
  • Photo collections from the broad range of areas we will reach
  • Beyond Ecology, a section that will grant us special insight into the minds of our collaborators outside of the traditional binary ecology field


If you would like to get involved and write a post, create a podcast or video, please contact the Editorial office (editorial@people-and-nature.org) to discuss your ideas.


As always we encourage your feedback, ideas and enthusiasm!


Be seeing you.